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Visual Solution Downloads - Forms apps  1

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Here are some working demo apps which may be downloaded for you to examine.


The Vulcan code has been entered into Visual Studio 2008 and is mainly for Forms 2.0 GUI.


At a later date a section will be added which is for WPF technology and .NET 4 and this work

is well under way at this moment - I have some VERY interesting samples.


For each applet for download, an image of it will be provided, as well as a short explanation of

what it has to offer the reader - what feature has been highlighted in its creation.


Zed Graph :


Learn how to code in Vulcan for the freely available Zed Graph Forms 2.0 assembly.


If you wish to do graphs of any sort then this is a good place to start.  Just double click the

screen icon image to create a full size form form the active Vulcan code.


ZedGraph - Examples, coded graphs of many types :








Emailing and Zipping Attachments :


See how to send emails, as well as download from a chosen mailbox.


Choose files to attach and then zip them with dotNet code - no external zip application used.


Send the attachment with the mail message.


ZeeMail - eMail and attachment zipping applet :







Validating Input Fields (Forms 2.0) :


Using Regular Expressions to validate certain types of text input to a 'TextBox' control in Forms.


Also using icons to show at the ends of lines not correctly completed, when the form tries to close.


The reader can't see the 'flashing' icons - which is quite nice to see live ;-)  They only flash for a few

seconds or so, don't be too alarmed !



Validating GUI input data :










Vulcan - 'FirstPaint' - Drawing applet :


Get to grips with some GDI+ stuff - which will still be useful to know in WPF.


Find out more about brushes, pens, colors and drawing shapes.


Even find out how to replace the Windows colour selection tool in a few lines of code - see bottom :-


VulcanFirstPaint - painting applet, simple form of the well known version :














Some Clever Stuff from Chris Pyrgas :


For those interested in Delegates and Reflection take a look at the details.


ReflectionDelegate - see some simple reflection is action :





'NullsAndMore' - Working with, and Understanding Nulls :


A first look at nulls with 'DataTime' and certain Forms controls which deal with dates etc.


Don't fight it - understand it !


NullsAndMore - some useful Forms work with Nulls :





'ListView' control - doing 'Drag and Drop' with this Forms 2.0 control :


See how to do Drag drop with Forms, as well as copying / moving a bunch of 'ListView' rows.


'ListView' - Drag and Drop in Forms 2.0 :









Grid Painting - logically paint 'DataGridView' cells at run time :


See how to paint grid cells in a Forms 2.0 DataGridView control, by applying logical conditions to the

data content at run time.


Grid Painting - applying colours and effects to grid cells at run time :






Sort and Search - Showing drop list contents in various ways :


See how to show a complex object in a single combo box and display it with various properties, depending

on which is selected.


The sort order of the list is changed, and in the example is linked with the field used, and property displayed.


It would appear that 'Search' was an optimistic early title ;-)


Sort and Search - a demo applet to explore useful ways of displaying complex objects in a combo box in Forms ...






'ImageViewer' - applet to capture images and transform and change them :


See how to capture any screen on the PC system (does three in testing) and also transform any image

including both size and orientation, as well as colour manipulation.  (Well, the colour feature was in the VIDE

version ;-)  - I am not sure it has been moved across to the VS version as yet ! )


ImageViewerVS - capture screen and other images, then change :







'DataForm3' - binding in lists and grids with Forms 2.0 :


Although not totally 100% finished and tested, this applet goes a long way to starting any developer down the

road to meaningful data binding with Forms 2.0 technology.  WPF is different in many ways, and also easier,

so look out for it.


The same data object is bound in more than one control, and data navigation is in action too.


On top of the binding aspect, we can see sorting and filtering in action at a DataView level.


DataForm3 - applet to show data binding with Forms 2.0 controls :






PHH - March 2010