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Visual Solution Downloads - Forms apps 2

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'HandsOn' - applet created for Stuttgart November 2009 :


Some very useful Forms technology 'tips' including some reflection and data binding.


The drop list can have both display and value members set interactively.


Also the combo box, text controls, as well as labels, are all bound to the same data items.


Oh! and of course there is a 'DateTimePicker' control too - which is bound via its Text property :-


'HandsOn' demo applet, made for VODC 2009 :










'BEST company' - small business demo application :


For anyone trying to get going with SQL Server and using, and in Vulcan syntax too, then this

is where you should start.


All standard 'CRUD' operations are covered quite thoroughly, as well as some extras like making a stored procedure

(SPROC) from Vulcan code.


Also included is examining errors back from the SQL Server itself - idea, thanks to Mike Pitcher.


This Forms 2.0 application covers some very useful Forms coding as well as the SQL 'stuff'.


A good place to start - however, if you want good data binding, and/or object relational mapping, then another

application is for you, just keep looking here in ClickStart.


Use this live link to download the VS solution for 'BEST company' ....


Here are some images to wet your appetite :-








In the images above you may notice that there is often a control available to switch on/off the ability

to display the SQL query statement which is being sent to the SQL Server.


Use this live link to download the VS solution for 'BEST company' ....





PHH -  July 9th.  2010.