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This is the start of a new 'venture' as far as the 'ClickStart' web site is concerned.


I am hoping to provide a simple way for colleagues in the Vulcan and dotNet community to gain

access to both the eNotes and also the VS solutions developed for my '' web site.


The old - or original - Home Page has now been deprecated to a 'historical' archive level, still reachable

from this 'executive' folder level.  Remember, it looked like this :-




I will find it easier to maintain and update this H&M5 document than change the page details of my web site.


We will see how it progresses over the next few months, and just what features it is possible to add to

make both my life and yours (the reader) a little easier.


Please send in any positive and creative ideas to help improve things for all ;-)


Once the learning materials can be accessed by all, myself included, I will move onto completing the VS solution

downloads section which has already been partly done at present.


The download provision of large CHM files has now been removed, so be warned ;-)  It is hard to keep such files

up to date - they already out of date when you download them.


On the other hand I regularly refresh my web notes on any volume I am updating, and working on in my office.

And update at least once a day when I am making additions and changes to a particular volume.


This way both you and I see and use the most up-to-date material.  Also, the CHM files occupy a large

chunk of expensive disk space on my providers server ;-)  The overall size of these static files had gotten quite

huge, to consider that they were just duplicate material of what was already they for use.


Do remember, learning is fun - so enjoy!


PHH - July 2010.