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Thanks to the insistence of my good friend Alwyn Jennings-Bramly I am now making a quick and easy way

into the ClickStart web area - to allow all Vulcan colleagues to access the various volumes of the eNotes currently



[ *** I also use my own notes on a VERY regular basis, and know they work for me ;O)) *** ]


Although the first simple version will allow a 'one-stop-shop' approach to the training notes and learning materials, a future addition will

allow quick and easy downloading of VS solutions and possibly other files.  This has been tested and appears to work just as we require.


Please try these links to see that we have the beginnings of a helpful H&M5 'creation' - I call it the 'Executive'.



*** Original Home Page ***



What was going on at 'Shrewton' (DevShare) in May 2010 :




eNote web Volumes available from Phil Hepburn at ClickStart :-


The VS Forms Designer self training eNotes :


Starting Visual Studio 2008 - self training eNotes :


Starting SQL Server use with ADO.Net :


Transforming DBF data into SQL tables :


Creating quality reports with Microsoft "Reporting Services"


Going further with SQL Server - Transact-SQL


Starting 'Drag and Drop' coding with Forms 2.0 :


Starting Vulcan.Net - and moving from VO ? :


Needing hard coded reports, or other formats of 'print' output ? :


Find out more about 'Scripts and Markups' :


Starting WPF application development, painlessly ! :


Looking at Documents in the New Forms / WPF environment ...


Starting XAML scripting for easier WPF input


[ Please report back if you have any problems with any of  these links - thanks. ]



PHH - July 11th. 2010.