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Sorry ! - this facility has been withdrawn as too much web space was being taken up by this

duplicated way of providing training material.


Since web space cost ME money, then it had to go once we go to 200 + Megs of CHM files :((




From time to time I will review the versions of the CHM files available on the ClickStart site for download.


It is more time consuming maintaining up-to-date versions of these larger files on my site, so the frequency

will not be as often as that which I update the live web ones.


However, Willie's recent NG posting has prompted me to do a check on the date of existing CHM files, and

to make the first one for the new WPF learning notes.


Just click a link below in order to get a download option from your system :-


WPF learning eNotes - 'ClickStartWPF' CHM file :


Forms 2.0 Designer eNotes - 'ClickStartF2D' CHM file :


SQL Server eNotes - 'ClickStartSQL' CHM file :


Drag Drop eNotes - 'ClickStartDnD' CHM file :


First Vulcan.NET eNotes - 'ClickStartVDN' CHM file :


Printing with dotNet eNotes - 'ClickStartRnP' CHM file :


Visual Studio eNotes - 'ClickStartVS' CHM file :


Markups and Scripts eNotes - 'ClickStartMnS' CHM file :


Transform DBFs to Tables in an SQL database - CHM file :


DevShare 2009 DVD eNotes - CHM file :



Good Luck with your learning ;-)


PHH -  July 11th. 2010.